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What is Tai-Chi?

TAI-CHI is an old form of dynamic graceful meditation in slow movements, practiced by the Chinese Civilization for many centuries.

TAI-CHI allows you to feel and center yourself through some breathing exercises known as "CHI-GONG".

TAI-CHI activates and reinforces your body's vital flow of energy which leads you to healthy long life.

The Meaning:

TAI: represents the human body opening itself wide to the universe, while constantly being concentrated in its center.

CHI: represents the continuous process of energy which gives vitality and life force to the body.

TAI-CHI, therefore improves your circulation, makes your body flexible and healthier with increased strength and simuntaneously brings total relaxation and harmony of mind, body and spirit.

The Physical and Mental Benefits of TAI-CHI

  1. It increases flexibility, particularly in the spine and maintain the flexibility in spinal joints.
  2. It allows you full range of motion in all the joints.
  3. It increases strength, particularly of the leg muscles.
  4. It gives better balance and therefore fewer falls for the elderly.
  5. It improves your posture.
  6. It improves your immune functioning and mental stillness.
  7. It improves deeper breathing, leading to increased oxygenation and vitality of all tissues.
  8. It reduces pain particularly in shoulder, back, legs and knees.
  9. It increases vitality energy and awareness of the present "Chi".
  10. It enhances coordination and improves the fine motor skills.
  11. It improves the memory.
  12. It increases concentration and mental focus.
  13. It increases the sense of happiness and contentedness leading to inner peace.
  14. It stimulates the central nervous system, lowers blood pressure, relieves stress and gently tones your muscles without strain.
  15. It also enhances digestion, eliminates wastes and improves the circulation of blood.
  16. Tai-Chi rhythmic movements massages the internal organs and improve their functioning.

Tai-Chi's greatest attribute, however, is the fact that it channels the flow of "Chi" (intrinsic energy) through the body's meridians and restores its balance throughout the body.

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